• What tasks does the Ombudswoman have?

    The central task of the Ombudswoman is confidential receipt of information on company-related criminal offenses and prohibited business practices and violations at the expense of the company. With the external Ombudswoman, anyone wanting to give information, but not willing to contact the points actually responsible internally, has a point of contact outside the company who is subject to attorney-client privilege and thus to a duty of secrecy. Based on her many years of business experience, the Ombudswoman examines information coming in to her independently and autonomously for relevance to the company. If she comes to the conclusion that the suspicion needs to be pursued, she passes the matter, without disclosing the name of the person giving the information, to the department responsible at Fraport AG as long as the person giving the information has declared his or her consent.

  • Who can turn to the Ombudswoman?

    The Ombudswoman is available as a point of contact to all employees, male and female, of Fraport AG, the subsidiaries of Fraport AG but also all external parties, such as suppliers or tender participants.

  • What information will the Ombudswoman accept?

    The goal of involving the Ombudswoman is in the first instance to investigate and prevent economic crimes (e.g. corruption, monopoly violations, fraud and embezzlement), but also other company-related criminal offenses in connection with Fraport AG.

  • Can I also contact the Ombudswoman anonymously

    Yes. As I look for open and trustful communication with the person giving information, I would be delighted if you would trust me so that such a precaution is unnecessary. Fraport AG has waived any and all rights to information vis-à-vis the Ombudswoman, so all your information is subject to attorney-client privilege. Only if the person giving the information has expressly agreed to the information sent being forwarded, thus possibly also revealing his or her identity to Fraport AG, will I pass the information on to the company. Please also bear in mind that the communication with people giving information anonymously may be hampered in the event of questions serving to investigate the matter and that such reports – also for protection against denunciation – will in principle be pursued with more restraint.

    If the person giving information prefers anonymous reporting, incidentally, the electronic whistleblower system of Fraport AG is available to them as an additional information channel and can be accessed under www.fraport.de. The information going in there is handled by Fraport AG. As an external Ombudswoman, though, I cannot be reached via the electronic whistleblower system.

  • Is a client relationship created between the person giving information and the Ombudswoman?

    No, because the Ombudswoman is engaged by Fraport AG. There is, though, an agreement between the Ombudswoman and the company that allows me to advise the person giving information informally in practical questions specific to the case in point. I am not, however, allowed to represent your legal interests.

  • Who bears the costs when a person contacts the Ombudswoman to give in-formation?

    Fraport AG bears the costs for the work of the Ombudswoman. Calls to the Ombudswoman are also free of charge for the person giving information.

  • How is it ensured that the Ombudswoman will not pass on the information and the name of the person giving it?

    Fraport AG has expressly and irrevocably waived any and all rights to information versus the Ombudswoman. Excepted from that agreement are merely such cases where the call itself, in the expert assessment of the Ombudswoman, constitutes a criminal offense at the ex-pense of Fraport AG (such as threats against the company). So if the person giving the in-formation has not expressly consented to the information sent to the Ombudswoman being passed on, or his or her identity being revealed, that information falls under attorney-client privilege. To that extent, the Ombudswoman is subject to attorney secrecy, which also applies vis-à-vis courts of law, the state prosecutor and other authorities

  • For what information is the Ombudswoman not responsible?

    You have an internal counselor available as point of contact within Fraport AG for confidential information on issues other than stated under 3) above - e.g. on a violation of the standards of conduct of Fraport AG or for information on personal conflict situations such as racism, right-wing extremism, sexual intimidation, bullying or discrimination -. On such matters, please contact Mr. Frank Cornelius directly.

  • Why has Fraport AG engaged an external Ombudswoman?

    In recent years, Fraport AG had only an internal ombudsman, who among other things also received information on criminal offenses at the expense of the company. When the previous incumbent left the company, this position was refilled with Mr. Frank Cornelius. Fraport AG has decided in addition to open up an additional reporting channel for people giving informa-tion via an external Ombudswoman, which exists separately from Fraport-internal communication channels. In contrast to the internal counselor, the Ombudswoman is subject to the duty of secrecy vis-à-vis the courts, the state prosecutor and other authorities. In addition, the Ombudswoman is also available as a point of contact for external parties, especially con-tractors of Fraport AG or tender participants, who, possibly for fear of reprisals, have so far refrained from giving information.

  • How can I contact the external Ombudswoman?

    You can make contact with me as follows:

    By telephone under: 0800 - 123 0 125
    By fax under: 0800 - 123 0 126
    By e-mail under: parsch@ombudsfrau-parsch.de
    By post under: Rechtsanwältin Annette Parsch, Ombudsfrau, Q 2, 5, 68161 Mannheim