Ombudswoman for Fraport AG

Annette Parsch | Attorney at law

As of 01.12.2011, Fraport AG has engaged attorney at law Ms. Annette Parsch, an attorney specializing in criminal law, as an external Ombudswoman.

The central task of the Ombudswoman is confidential receipt of information pointing to economic crimes such as corruption, monopoly violations, fraud and embezzlement, but also to other company-related criminal offenses and violations.

Such acts are often uncovered only by coincidence and as a rule only after the company or a third party has already suffered a financial loss. For the company affected, this frequently goes hand in hand with not only a financial loss, but also with an often substantial loss of reputation.

Often it is the company's own employees or persons with a business relationship with the company that possess knowledge of indications of conduct with relevance to criminal law, but who for fear of reprisals, such as loss of their jobs or orders, do not report that information to the departments re-sponsible in the company.

Fraport AG has therefore decided, alongside the internal counselor, to engage an external Ombudswoman as an additional confidential point of contact for employees and external parties outside the company who is subject to attorney-client privilege and thus to a duty of secrecy. Based on her many years of business experience, the Ombudswoman examines information coming in to her independently and autonomously for relevance to the company. If she comes to the conclusion that the suspicion needs to be pursued, she passes the matter, without disclosing the name of the person giving the information, to the department responsible at Fraport AG as long as the person giving the information has declared his or her consent.

As the identity of the person giving the information is disclosed to Fraport only with their express consent, there is basically no need to contact the Ombudswoman anonymously. But the Ombudswoman will also accept anonymous information, whereby such information – also for protection against denunciation – will as a rule be pursued with more restraint.

Fraport AG is highly interested in detecting and fighting criminal offences that are in connection with its economic activity. With the help of the ombudswoman who – after approval by the whistleblower – passes on his or her information to the internal competent authority, Fraport further strives to ensure that corruption has no chance in the economy.